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Most of these links are not reciprocal, i.e. these sites don't have links to my site.  (If any artists want to create links to my site, please let me know, and I'll add a link to your site. ) What I provide here are just a few sites that those who like this site might find interesting.

Turn of the Century Fine Arts

This is a gallery run by Lewis Meyers in Berkeley that occasionally shows my work.

21 Grand

This is a very interesting gallery and performance space in downtown Oakland near the Albion Gallery.


This art magazine web site has a very extensive list of links to international galleries and museums.

San Francisco Art Institute

My alma mater.

Leopi Nicola

This artist has painted a beautiful series of life sized figurative paintings that have both spiritual and sensual qualities.   I wrote a poem about her paintings that you can read on her site.

Alison Pebworth

 This artist uses precise realistic technique to create surrealistic fantasies full of symbolism and psychological overtones.  The simplicity and elegance of her web site were an inspiration for me.

Michele Manning

If you like my "Postcards from Paris", you might enjoy Michele's  recent work depicting scenes from France.

Aurora Rising

Aurora is a singer, performer and artist.  The first painting/poem in the Albion gallery was inspired by her.