Pricing policy

Through the Not Hole

    Not all of the pieces on this web site are for sale, but most of them are.  Some pieces have been sold, some have been lost, damaged, or destroyed.

    Prices for paintings range from $50- for a small oil on paper, to $2000- for a large oil on canvas. 

    Prices are negotiable, and depend, to a certain degree, on the attitude of the buyer.

    High quality digital prints of most paintings are also available for $30 to $125, depending on the size of the print, or, if you have a good color printer, you can download the images and make your own poor quality prints for free.

    Polaroids are $100 for each unique original print.

    "Paris Postcard" photos are available as 8" x 10" prints for $30 each or as a set of 13 4"x 6" prints for $30.

        "The Albion Collection", a booklet of poems describing paintings in that gallery, is available from the artist for only $7.00!!!

     If you are interested in a painting, photo or booklet, make your desires known to me via the "Contact the Artist" link on the home page, or send an email to  .