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Thin Within

Two sisters,

one thin, one thick,

one dark, one light,

dance together.

Within, without,

around about,

they glide, they leap

in time, in rhythm

to their bodies' flow.



In the Woods

Midway through my long journey home

I found myself surrounded

by the trees, the leaves, the vines,

and the branches of a forest

turning, tangled, and twisted.

I knew not where I was,

but I was not lost.

I know this storm, this green

and glowing vortex.

These woods are no harbor,

no port from the storm outside,

but they are a home

to me and to

my serpent friends.





Nine is the atomic number

of silence and of

dust under sofas.

It is also a measure

of the interval between things

you come across

while looking for something else.

Beethoven and Mahler

each completed nine symphonies

before striking that final chord.

I painted nine glowing spheres

on a flat surface, and




Life Still

Every day like all the others.

The sun eating the flowers

in the fields.  The man on his bicycle

sailing to China.  I want to

leave it all behind,

wrapped up in a bundle on the blue

chair, but I find myself being drawn,

like water from a well,

like a vase of flowers,

and I stay where I am.

This is where I live my life.





Whose lips are these

that float so near to

my nude and waiting shoulder?

Could their kiss taste

as sweet as mine?

Would their touch bring

a shudder to my cells?

What signals could they send

down my shivering spine?

The look in my eyes may be demure,

but my thoughts are far from pure.




There can be no secrets

when I'm around.

I see you thinking

how smart you are

to hide your thoughts from me.

I've thought those thoughts, too.

I've felt that fear

you try to disguise as desire,

but I see what you don't want me to,

and I tell tales that you don't want to hear.



The Pandus

Through the golden triangle

the flowers of evil flow.

From this mundane, imperfect world

to another, more perfect one we go.

"The Pandus" reads a marker

high up in Khyber Pass,

but the fruit we seek

to ease our pain lies hidden in tall grass.



Rrose Selavy HOOQ

Et tu?

Est-ce que tu as

chaud au cul?


Pour Marcel et Rrose,

comment la Giaconda,

le sourire,

c'est tout.





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