A Dream in Lapis and Saffron

(This poem was written in response to a series of paintings by Leopi Nicola.  Click on the image to see the paintings on her web  site.)


Within a golden dawn

night glows

a cerulean shade

in the face of a boy

holding in his lap

an azure ocelot cub.


A saffron goddess

brings forth life

from between her thighs

on the indigo bed

of her lover's body

as a turquoise tide of dreams

surges from the source.


The sky blue pyramid of a family

divides light of daybreak

from shade of dusk

when, from the hand

of evening's son,

falls a crimson flickering flame. 


Emerging from a softly blazing field

the cobalt moon woman

releases broad winged

aquamarine butterflies

from her

fluttering sapphire fingers.


Copper rings his cool, watery brow

as, in his dance,

he leaps through sparks

and from his lapis palm

emerge metallic halos of light.


"Cold, clear night,

aurora of morning,

and warm sun

gleam from within our

faces, hands and flesh.

Our bodies naked and proud,

we look out at you

to tell our stories.

Can't you hear our voices

as we sing?"